August’s most adored💗

Good evening dolls,

Today I will be sharing my monthly favorites! These products and items have me hooked this month.

Number One: Bindis ✨

So I recently went on vacation to India and over there bindis are a huge part of daily life. I am aware that the whole bindi trend might be offensive to some individuals but to me it’s a trend i would like to follow. So I went along with both, the trend of wearing it with traditional clothes and American clothes Honestly I’m so in love with them, most people think only certain people can wear them but it’s a fast growing trend which is super chic.

Number two: Mascara✨

Mascara has always been just an add on to my make up never the statement of my look. But these past hot summer days when I would contemplate what make up I should do. I often found my self leaning towards a bold mascara look with some tinted lip colors. In my opinion this is the only thing I’ve needed this whole summer it’s been my go to.

(Right to left)

-benefit they’re real

– Maybelline volume Express falsies

– pink one was a gift

– NYC showtime

– MAC false lashes extreme black
Number three: Signature scents✨
My three favorite scents this summer was J’adore by Christan Dior, Michael Kors sexy Amber, and lastly Chloè. These 3 smell Divine and go with summer and honestly all types of weather. The moment you put it on I feel like a goddess.


Zaina 💓


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