British Breakfast Classic : Beans on Toast

This breakfast classic is a traditional part of a typical English breakfast and is a recipe that can be made in minutes and is absolutely delectable and gratifying. The recipe I am sharing with you today has an Indian flair to it, because it is inspired by my visits to Calcutta . It is a common breakfast food in Calcutta , because of the mix of Indian and British cultures that were a result of the British Raj.

Servings: 4
1) 4 slices of toast, toasted well ( it needs to be hard/dry enough to absorb the beans well, if the bread is not well toasted the dish will become too soggy which is not good)
2) 1 can of Chilli Beans or Heinz Beans
3) Few dashes of tapatio sauce ( tabasco or any other hot sauce is fine too)
4) 1/2 red or yellow onion , chopped small ( Indian kick)
5) 2-3 green chillies , optional (Indian kick)
6) Butter
7) Shredded cheddar cheese ( or any other kind , I used a mexican spiced cheese that I had in the fridge)

1) Toast bread in a toaster.
2) Open a can of beans and pour the beans with the liquid and all, into a saucepan.
3) Heat the mixture on medium flame, and cook until some of the liquid has slightly reduced. Lower the heat, add a few dashes of Tapatio for a spicy flavor.
4) Spread a tbsp of butter onto each slice of toast. Be generous. Don’t care about the fat, the butter makes this dish even more delicious. Besides it really makes ALL the difference. Trust me….
5) Now its time to assemble. Carefully spoon out enough beans and sauce to entirely cover the surface of your toast.
6) Top with some shredded cheese. Then, add some of the chopped onions and chillies. This is what makes a Beans on Toast an “Indian Beans on Toast”. It seriously makes the dish taste 100 times better.







( Sorry the plating wasnt the best )



New York Fashion Week 2015

Hi guys! So as many of you know, it’s officially fashion week time! New York is done and now it’s London’s turn. I adored a plethora of looks on the New York runway, but here’s a few of my favorites. Obviously, I’m into all the sparkles and pretty designs, haha. I just need an Elie Saab dress in my life. Looks by Elie Saab, Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, and more.



Love this Anna Sui hippy, carefree dress


The contrasting colors are so edgy!


Stunning, great for red carpet affairs.


Obsessed with the coat pattern.


The golds give it a beautiful medieval look.


No words. I need!


Love this warrior princess look. And how pretty is Taylor Hill?!


Simple yet classy.




The blues are mesmerizing.

*All pictures found on Tumblr

Valentine’s Day Cards ❤️

With Valentine’s just around the corner, Iove is in the air! Personally, I don’t celebrate it, but I love the concept of spreading love and good vibes all around. This past weekend I was blessed to participate in a community service event by One Incredible Family, Inc. where we made Valentine’s Day cards for kids who were abused, in foster care, homeless, living in shelters, runaways, abandoned, and under privileged. It was a great feeling knowing these cards will make someone’s day. It was so much fun coloring, decorating, and drawing on cards for the children. I felt like a little kid again. I especially liked thinking of cute and funny sayings for each card. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and will definitely join again next year. Here are some of my creations below.


PS. Wanna make someone’s day on Valentine’s? Send cards to the Do Something organization which will send your personalized cards to the elderly. It’ll make you eligible in earning a $10,000 scholarship! Check it out here:





Mexican inspired Egg White Frittata

This is a healthy and scrumptious recipe that will satisfy your taste buds and your new years resolution to eat healthier. Its also a great way to use up leftover egg whites, thats what I did. I made creme brulee yesterday and was left with 8 egg whites, so I decided to make use of them for breakfast today! This recipe was made up on the spot with the ingredients I had at hand. If you do not like egg whites you can do whole eggs. Alot of the ingredients CAN be substituted with other flavors & ingredients. It will still taste great, trust me…….So have fun with it and alter it to your taste.

Servings: 5-6
-8 egg whites
-1/2 red onion, diced small
-1/4 bell pepper, diced small
-1/2 jalapeño, finely diced seeds & all because we like the heat
-1 ripe tomatoe, diced small
– a handful of cilantro, chopped
– a handful of mint, chopped
( you can sub basil if you do not have these herbs)
-few dashes of lemon pepper
– 1 Tbsp Sriracha sauce (Tabasco or Tapatio Sauce are substitutable)
– Mexican style Cheddar Cheese, shredded ( pepper jack or simple monterey jack would work too)
-Salt , to taste
– A drizzle of olive oil

1) Preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.
2) Chop all of the vegetables. Whisk egg whites. Add all of the vegetables and herbs. Mix well and add the spices and sriracha sauce.
3) Heat a large skillet with a drizzle of olive oil. Carefully pour egg mixture into the pan. Cook on the stove for 4-5 minutes on medium high heat to get the bottom of the frittata set.
4) Once the eggs are set, place skillet
into the oven . Bake for 12-15 minutes or until the eggs have thouroughly cooked. Generously sprinkle the shredded cheese onto the eggs in the last few minutes of baking.
5) Cool frittata for a few minutes. Then, slice and serve. Serve with a side of toast and jam . A homeade juice compliments well with this dish. I drank some homeade pineapple juice. Bon Appetit❤️





*Cooking time varies each time. Keep an eye on your eggs to ensure that they do not burn. They will be done when the center is set and completely cooked. Baking them in 350 degrees will reduce the bake time. I used a lower heat to ensure the eggs would be thoroughly cooked.


“Flower” by Cody Simpson

Hey guys! I’ve always loved Cody Simpson, and today he jut came out with a new song called “Flower” which literally gave me chills. Cody is known for his pop music, but now at 18 he wants to change what he’s known for and make music that he wants. He certainly went with that decision, and even dropped his label. “Flower” with artwork by Miley Cyrus, has a whole different feel, even genre, than his past music. It has a nice, Jack Johnson-y vibe mixed with a little Bob Marley. I love the acoustics. Also, it has a catchy and relaxing tune which is perfect at any time. Rolling Stones even wrote an article about it, my favorite Australian singer is getting bigger. A definite listen if you’ve never been into his music. I hope this song spruces up your week! Tell me what you think!

Listen to it on Soundcloud here:

*Download it for free on iTunes!*


Candles ✨

Hey dolls,
I wanted to keep it simple today so I’ll be talking about one of my current obsessions! Lately I’ve been over buying candles. I will be telling you about my candles and a cute DIY that is very simple to recreate!
Candle DIY:
Step 1- Find or buy a cute candle stand that goes with the color of the candle you choose. You can buy affordable candle stands at Target, World Market, or Pier one imports
Step 2- Next, get a small candle that will fit in your candle stand. You can easily find them at anywhere, I got mine from ikea.
Step 3- After, get some plant decor fillers. I bought mine from ikea as well. Btw they have a lot of cute things for decor!!
Step 4- Finally time to assemble the candle!
Fill the candle stand with the plant filler and place the candle on top.


All about my candles: ✨
I use these candles to brighten up my room and bathroom. I have bought tons but the ones I’m telling you guys about are the best according to me. Stress Relief; got this one from bath&body works ($22.50) . Aloha Orchid; got that from Anthropology smells incredible ya’ll! ( $11.50) The two tiny ones are honestly the best quality small candles I’ve received, it was a present not sure where there from. I’ve lit them more than 10 times and they still haven’t run out! Magnolia Fresh linen, that’s from target.($20.00) All the tall candles are from target. Those are scented candle sticks. The white stands are from target, the red stands are from UlTRAS holiday gift set.
That’s just a few of my favs and recently used ones!




How to throw a Tea Party : S&Z’s Tea

My bestfriend (co-founder of the blog) Zaina and me decided to throw a tea party last winter break. Today, I am going to share with you guys how to throw a tea party and some tips & tricks that will make it fun.

1) Select a theme. We did Alice in the Wonderland so that it would be more whimsical. Also, choose a dress code. We decided upon a dress & heels code to make it classy. I would recommend throwing the party with your bestfriend. Trust me it makes the experience waaaaay more fun and easy!
2) Make a guest list, do not invite too many people. It should be a small, intimate gathering with just your closest friends. I would recommend inviting from 6-8 people. Send out invitations about 2-3 weeks before the party. I found a cute invitation printout online and thats what we used!


3) Plan out a menu and decide upon a location. We did it in the backyard. Have your bestfriend sleepover the night before the party so that you guys can purchase all of the ingredients and bake all of the baked goods the night before. This way you have more time to get ready and set up the next day.


4) Make little whimsical tiered serving dishes using mismatched plates. I stacked different floral plates with a tea cup in between. For the cutlery we did small white appetizer plates and mismatched tea cups and clear wine glasses. Also we used a cheetah printed satin table cloth to add a more wonderland vibe to the table.For an added touch, we placed a white runner and placed rainbow christmas lights alongside. Here are pictures of how it all came together💓.




Overall, the party was a success. We drank many cups of tea and my friends and I had an amazing evening. Afterwards, we did a photoshoot and played ping pong. Hope you guys are inspired and host your own tea parties. If you do, leave us a comment about how it went. Goodluck💓

Weekend Getaway: Las Vegas

This past weekend I took a vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada. Even though I’ve been going to Vegas since I was two, every time I go it’s a new experience.
This time I went to go visit one of my childhood friends. I stayed at the Vdara hotel. Vdara is one of my favorite hotels. Although it doesn’t have a casino at the lobby they have several other things. The Crystal mall is waking distance to the hotel, which honestly is amazing! Down stairs they have a convenient restaurant called the Market Place, I had breakfast there too. While I was there I went to go see KÀ by cirque du soleli, at the MGM Grand. The show was astonishing! The production is about the up rising of young men and women and how they encounter love and conflicts and the difference between good and bad. I definitely recommend you all to watch it! I dined at a very welcoming Cafè called Sunrise Cafè. The Cafè is located on 8975 South Eastern Avenue #6, Las Vegas NV 89123. I had brunch there and it satisfied my taste buds! The food and service was impeccable. The rest of my trip consisted of hanging out with my sister and our childhood friend. We all spent quality time with one another, swimming, shopping, and eating. Here are some pictures of my vacation!














– Zaina 💗

Holy Grail Makeup Trio

The Benefit They’re Real Mascara is one of my favorite all time mascaras and is a product that has changed my definition of a good mascara. I was at ulta with my mom and the lady introduced me to it and I fell in love. It makes sparse, thin lashes appear voluminous, vibrant, and can drastically lenghthen your lashes. I am not exaggerating at all, its seriously does everything a mascara should and its beacause of the design of the brush and formula of mascara. This is the small version of it is 4g and costs $12, buts its worth it and lasts a while. There is also a larger kind that is $23. I bought the small one because I wanted to test out the product, but I am definitely going to purchase the larger one when I am finished.


My second makeup must have is the L’oréal Telescopic Precision liquid eyeliner in carbon black. I have tested out numerous eyeliners but this seems to be the one I always come back to. It applies easily , has a dark bold black color, and its formula is simply amazing. Also, I love the applicator tip and can help make the most perfect wings. The product costs only $7.49 and can be found in most drugstores. It honestly works just as great as a high end liquid eyeliner and lasts forever.


My last holy grail makeup product is the BM cosmetics Auto eyebrow pencil in Black 195. My mother bought this from her hairstylist at a Korean hair salon and I kinda “borrowed” it from my mom’s dressing table and never gave it back .I have never used the pencil part of this eyebrow product because I get my eyebrows threaded and do not need to fill mine in. However, I do like to brush through my eyebrows when doing my makeup in order to keep them in shape. The bristles in the brush make your eyebrows look shaped. The products brush is all that I use, but it works great and I have been using it for more than a year now and still like it.



DIY Valentine’s Day Gift: Vanilla Cakepops Coated in Chocolate

This Valentines Day inspired recipe is a sweet, thoughtful gift for your loved ones. It requires no special ingredients or tools, and is simply scrumptious. My friend Saki decided to teach me how she makes these delicious bites and we tested out the recipe yesterday and were pleased with how it turned out.

What you need:
1) A Container of store-bought frosting any flavor you prefer. I used vanilla.
2) Yellow boxed cake mix & the ingredients the box calls for, in order to prepare the cake. (mine called for 3 eggs, water,& oil)
3) Semi-sweet chocolate chips.
4) Cake Pop sticks ( if you cant find them, just cut wooden skewers in half)

1) Bake cake according to package. I simply mixed all of the wet ingredients with the dry and baked the cake for 35 minutes in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven.
2) Cool cake for about an hour ( its takes waaaaay less time if you cool it in the fridge).
3) Break the cooled cake into small crumbs.
4)Mix the frosting into the crumbled cake. Add enough so that the mixture is not too wet nor too dry. Make sure there is enough frosting in the mixture in order to form cake balls. Do not add too much frosting or it will cause the cake balls to break.
6)Form meatball sized balls. You can use an ice cream scoop in order to obtain uniform sized cakepops. I simply just estimated the size of each cake pop.
7) Insert the sticks into the center of the cake pops. Place the cake pops in the freezer for 10-15 minutes so that they can harden.
8) Melt chocolate chips over a double broiler or in intervals of 30 sec in the microwave until the chocolate has completely melted. You can use candy melts if you want a colorful coating on your cake pop.
9) Coat each cake pop in the melted chocolate. You can top the coated cake pops with festive sprinkles for another added touch.Allow it to cool on a tray in the fridge.















– Shiza

Guest Appearance: Saki