Midsummer in Paris

Currently obsessed with the song, Paris by Chainsmokers and it has gotten me feeling nostalgic about last summer in Paris. I never thought I would miss Paris as much as I do now, or that I loved it that much, but it is one of those places that you wouldn’t know you would miss so much until your gone. And now I miss it , immensely

Paris is one of those places where people are truly living. I don’t mean simply existing, but actually living life.

From two long lost friends eating a 3 hour lunch at a Parisian café , a meal complete with the finest French wines and dessert, to couples dancing the salsa along the River Seine and pecking on a scrumptious French picnic lunch of cheese and baguette in the evening, these people know how to live life. In this new year, I hope to learn from the Parisians and adopt the : ” C’est La Vie “mantra to my life . This translates to “That’s life or Such is Life”. What I find so admirable about this outlook on life is that it makes me not overthink the little things and simply go with the course of life because that is life.

Here are pictures from my trip , hope you enjoy :





 Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face vibes when she dances alongside the River Seine (Old Hollywood is the best)

 Musèe du Louvre 

Inside the Royal Apartments at the Palais du Louvre


Such a mesmerizing painting by Paul Delaroche

Adore the traditional red velvet decor of French Restaurants and most of all the lovely Béarnaise sauces that accompany meals

Atelier Chanel 

Champs-Élysées ( reminds me of when I read the Count of Montecristo) 

Notre Dame de Paris

Bisous Bisous,