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Long time no blog! But here I am, fresh out of my first year of college, with new experiences, friends, and thoughts under my belt for lots and lots of posts. Much of my inspo and ideas stem from photos or videos- and this post was the brainchild of browsing through my photos from the past year.

I feel like many of us are enthralled with being up high- the popularity of rollercoasters, lookout points, hiking, and skydiving are evidences of it. My collection of photos preview places I have visited that are upon higher altitudes- airplane trips, hikes, even the view from my dorm room. What makes views from up above so mesmerizing? Maybe because it gives us a sense of power- having the means to be able to look upon the city from their corner office is every successful lawyer’s or businessperson’s dream. Or maybe its the opposite- being up so high, reflecting upon the struggle to get to the point, humbles us and lets us dwell on the insignificance of our existence.

Whatever the reason, incredible views from above mesmerizes most. I’ve shared some of them below- many were taken on a whim after realizing their beauty, so some are not the best quality but I hope they make you feel something anyway.



La Dolce Vita : A Summer in Italy Series

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year!

It has been over a year since my last post, I apologize about that! But now I am back and better than ever, so be prepared for posts about what this past year consisted of for me.

Last summer was one of the easily one of the most unforgettable summers of my life. I will begin my summer ’17 series with a recap of my trip to Italy.

Italy stole my heart and I left a part of myself there. I cannot wait to visit this remarkable  country again!

To begin my La Dolce Vita series, I will start with a post about Milan, the first city that I visited in Italy.

Duomo di Milano 


milano duomo.JPG

In all of its grandeur, magnificence, and charm this picture is a mere glimpse into the stunning Duomo. Definitely worth seeing in real life!


 Stunning Sunset in the streets of Milano


vittorio emanuele. JPG.JPG





Inside the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II


Teatro alla Scala (gave me Count of Monte Cristo vibes)




Midsummer in Paris

Currently obsessed with the song, Paris by Chainsmokers and it has gotten me feeling nostalgic about last summer in Paris. I never thought I would miss Paris as much as I do now, or that I loved it that much, but it is one of those places that you wouldn’t know you would miss so much until your gone. And now I miss it , immensely

Paris is one of those places where people are truly living. I don’t mean simply existing, but actually living life.

From two long lost friends eating a 3 hour lunch at a Parisian café , a meal complete with the finest French wines and dessert, to couples dancing the salsa along the River Seine and pecking on a scrumptious French picnic lunch of cheese and baguette in the evening, these people know how to live life. In this new year, I hope to learn from the Parisians and adopt the : ” C’est La Vie “mantra to my life . This translates to “That’s life or Such is Life”. What I find so admirable about this outlook on life is that it makes me not overthink the little things and simply go with the course of life because that is life.

Here are pictures from my trip , hope you enjoy :





 Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face vibes when she dances alongside the River Seine (Old Hollywood is the best)

 Musèe du Louvre 

Inside the Royal Apartments at the Palais du Louvre


Such a mesmerizing painting by Paul Delaroche

Adore the traditional red velvet decor of French Restaurants and most of all the lovely Béarnaise sauces that accompany meals

Atelier Chanel 

Champs-Élysées ( reminds me of when I read the Count of Montecristo) 

Notre Dame de Paris

Bisous Bisous,


Fall Adventure Ideas

With the chilly weather and college application deadlines looming ahead, I haven’t been out on a fun, carefree adventure in a while. I have been craving the excursions of summer and of last year, when I had more time on my hands. I figured it was time to ditch the books and my cozy room for a new experience that will inspire me. Here are a couple of ideas that will get you out of the house and throw in a little adventure into your week.

Museum Days

Truthfully, I’m down on to go to any museum during any season. But I think museums during autumn are special. People walk into the halls bundled up in their fall gear, coffee and camera in hand. The art and history are lovely, but people watching is nice too, especially in LA. Most museums take only about an hour or so to go through, so after your short excursion you have the rest of your day to hit the books or do other work.


The Broad, Los Angeles

Morning Hikes

Talk about killing two birds with one stone- satisfying the crave of adventure and exercise is fulfilled with hiking. The cool morning air energizes your lungs and the nature clears your mind. Fall hikes are definitely picturesque as well, with the color change of the trees and the falling leaves.


Abalone Cove, Palos Verdes

Antique Stores

My sister and I were bored one day after school, so I invited my friend to come with us to the local antique store we discovered a couple of years ago. Crammed with things from used postcards to Russian dolls, its truly an exciting place, albeit a little creepy. Also a fun place to take cool, vintage pictures! You never know what you will discover at an antique shop; it is like going back in time. I found a yearbook from the 60’s with the funniest senior quotes.


Studio Antiques, El Segundo

Coffee Shops

It’s not autumn (or a hectic school year) without weekly trips to the local coffee shop to motivate myself with a farfalla (Oreo/espresso frappe aka heaven in a cup) to do school work. I love the atmosphere of coffee shops. Make it an adventure and discover a new coffee shop every week, try a new drink or pastry every time you stop by, or talk to the interesting person in front of you in line who orders the same drink as you. july-18-2016-841

Blue Butterfly Coffee Company, El Segundo

Corn Mazes

I had at least add one cliché fall activity in here. Personally, I’ve never been to a corn maze but it sounds like a great and exciting time. The car ride there would be an adventure in itself; most farms with mazes are a good drive away. Gather a couple of your friends, and prepare to spooked and challenged by a well-made corn maze.


Big Horse Corn Maze, Temecula (not my photo)

So there you have it, 5 excursions you should go on between finishing assignments and avoiding the rain without going too far and not spending a lot of money. Also, very moderate and doable, so you can’t put it off. Go on, adventure awaits!

Have fun,


Churros Calientes

Hello loves, 

This past weekend I decided to spend some quality time with my mother and sister. We were in the mood for something SWEET! So I literally typed up chocolate places in LA. And this really amazing place showed up😍. I would see it on my friends snap chats and such and I finally tried this place out! It’s a hidden place almost, the adress is 1121 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles California 90025.

heres my ootd:

It’s not really a clear picture, but I was wearing my K rew high boots, stockings, my new fur coat 😍  and my Zara long dress top. W a mess bun. 

The store hours are great, it’s open till 2 am in case your ever in the mood:)

I ordered the plain churros with chocolate sauce, and the churro ice cream sundae with vanilla ice cream.  


January Favs!

As January comes to an end, here are a couple of my favorites from this weird and hectic (for me, anyway) month!


My first try of Paradise Bowls acai in Manhattan Beach! Really refreshing and pseudo-healthy but quite $$. Will def try the other flavors in the future.


Finals week = chillaxing music to study to, aka John Mayer. I listened to probably all his albums which had me reminiscing, but Room for Squares definitely caught my attention. Specifically,

No Such Thing – John Mayer

Why Georgia – John Mayer

83 – John Mayer

Neon – John Mayer


Copped these new periwinkle blue Converse in like November but decided to finally try them out for the new semester. A nice dash of spring during these chilly winter months.


I went by the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles for the Japanese new year. It’s such an informative and interesting; it digs deep into the Japanese internment camps on the West coast and the dark side of American history. It also has some super cool Japanese art!

 A total must if you’re in the area.


See How They Run, the sequel of All Fall Down by Ally Carter came out recently! It’s about a teenage girl named Grace who lives in an American embassy in a small coastal European country filled with scandalous secrets, which is also the place where her mother was targeted and killed. I read some of it at the bookstore but forgot my money but I’m definitely going back to buy it! It was so gripping and had incredible imagery; I can’t wait to finish it.


We got new moon jellies at the aquarium and they look absolutely incredible when the lights are off that I had to share!! Visit your local aquarium if you’re bored one weekend.

Another thing I’ve started in January was a social media cleanse. I deleted my Instagram and Twitter apps from my phone last week. It’s been kind of lonely and you have a crazy amount of time to think, but I think it has helped me focus on me more than what some people did over the weekend. I encourage you all to test it out even for a day.

Hope you enjoyed all my favorites for January and try them out in February!


August’s most adored💗

Good evening dolls,

Today I will be sharing my monthly favorites! These products and items have me hooked this month.

Number One: Bindis ✨

So I recently went on vacation to India and over there bindis are a huge part of daily life. I am aware that the whole bindi trend might be offensive to some individuals but to me it’s a trend i would like to follow. So I went along with both, the trend of wearing it with traditional clothes and American clothes Honestly I’m so in love with them, most people think only certain people can wear them but it’s a fast growing trend which is super chic.

Number two: Mascara✨

Mascara has always been just an add on to my make up never the statement of my look. But these past hot summer days when I would contemplate what make up I should do. I often found my self leaning towards a bold mascara look with some tinted lip colors. In my opinion this is the only thing I’ve needed this whole summer it’s been my go to.

(Right to left)

-benefit they’re real

– Maybelline volume Express falsies

– pink one was a gift

– NYC showtime

– MAC false lashes extreme black
Number three: Signature scents✨
My three favorite scents this summer was J’adore by Christan Dior, Michael Kors sexy Amber, and lastly Chloè. These 3 smell Divine and go with summer and honestly all types of weather. The moment you put it on I feel like a goddess.


Zaina 💓

Spring OOTD’s:

Hey Dolls✨

This post is about 2 casual outfits you can wear to school, the mall, the beach and really any other places in Cali. 

OOTD 1:   


• Floral off the shoulder top: Forever 21 (off the shoulder clothing is a hot trend for Spring 2015) 

• light washed blue semi distressed shorts: Brandy Melville 

•Sandals (unknown) 

Model: Tati G
OOTD 2: 


•White basic crop top: unknown no tag 

•High waisted boy friend jeans: inovation sport

•Watch: Rue 21 

•Sandals: unknown 

Model: Saki K



Something I’ll Never Get Sick Of

Happy Friday lovelies! So since you guys probably want to have some fun this Friday evening, I’ll keep it short and simple. One thing I’ll never get sick of, ever, would probably be sunsets. Everyday the colors of the sunset are different and always breathtaking. Totally cliché, I know, but they are so beautiful and no matter where you are, the sun will always set. I have a thing for constants in life. The amazing sight will always end your day gorgeously. Here are some pictures of sunsets I’ve taken, from the beach to car rides to the streets. Enjoy, and have a safe and wonderful weekend.

xx – Firdausi








DIY : Refreshing Facial Mask

This cucumber face mask is perfect for those stressful days in which you need to relax and rejuvenate your skin . It is easy, quick , and most importantly made with ingredients you have laying around the kitchen. This effective face mask leaves your face feelig fresh, smooth, and revived.

Cucumber Facial Mask :
– 1/3 of a small cucumber, grated using
a cheese grater
– 1 tsp rose water
– 1/2 tsp olive oil
– 1 Tbsp yogurt

Blend the ingredients and apply on a
cleaned makeup free face. Leave on for about 7-10 minutes or untill the mask has dried. Wash off with water or wipe off using a damp washcloth. Enjoy!

Benefits :
Cucumbers are mainly composed of water . Therefore, they can hydrate your skin. Also, they have the ability to treat blemishes and dark circles because of its cooling effect and the high content of ascorbic acid found in these antioxidant rich vegetables.
Rose Water is a natural toner for the skin and adds a glow to it. In addition, it is an efficient cleanser and can remove dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin.
Olive Oil is abundant in vitamin E and is a great way to moisturize dry skin.
Yogurt contains natural anti-bacterial properties that can help eliminate acne. Also, the high content of zinc in it can aid in giving sunburn relief.




– S