Daytime Spring Outfit Inspirations

Aloha❤️ As the weather gets warmer, our wardrobes become more fun and vibrant. With spring break just around the corner, I am sharing with you guys three casual spring break daytime outfit ideas . These outfits are fun and perfect for your spring-time activities whether your going to a music festival or a tea party.

Look 1 : Bohemian

This outfit is perfect for a music festival, spring time party, or the beach . Its laid back and has an aura of effortlessness to it.






Top : Nordstrom
Skirt: Marshalls
Sunglasses: Nordstrom
Bindis: Indian Store
Flower Clips : not sure

Bindi Tip : Usually Bindis are worn between the eyebrows on the forehead. However, I like wearing one just below the “wing” of my liquid eyeliner.

Look 2: Spring-time Chic & Casual
This look is very crisp yet casual. It is perfect for a lunch date or afternoon stroll in the garden . I love how it looks so put-together when its on , even though its utterly simple. I think it’s something about white jeans that can make the simplest of outfits look so chic. Also , I love the bell sleeves of this top ( this used to be a huge 70s trend) . The top paired with the jeans is a perfect mix of vintage and modern style coherently complementing each other in an outfit. The maroon hat adds a splash of color to the outfit.




Top: TJ-Maxx (thats surprising? sometimes department stores can have the cutest of things… )
Jeans: Hollister
Hat: Charlotte Russe

Look 3: Day to Night Sophistication
This look is perfect for someone who needs there outfit to work for both the day and night. It will look stunning at the mall during the day and even more gorgeous at dinner in a restaurant during the evening. It’s that quintessential outfit that everyone needs when they’re busy. I particularly love the fun print of this kimono. It matches perfectly with the lacy white top. I love how classy it looks and the dark wash jeans add a great contrast. If the outift is worn during the day, you can wear strappy sandals with it and the cute black peeptoe heels during the might. Did I mention that these heels have a cutout in the heel? Foot cleavage is trendy. Continue reading


Candles ✨

Hey dolls,
I wanted to keep it simple today so I’ll be talking about one of my current obsessions! Lately I’ve been over buying candles. I will be telling you about my candles and a cute DIY that is very simple to recreate!
Candle DIY:
Step 1- Find or buy a cute candle stand that goes with the color of the candle you choose. You can buy affordable candle stands at Target, World Market, or Pier one imports
Step 2- Next, get a small candle that will fit in your candle stand. You can easily find them at anywhere, I got mine from ikea.
Step 3- After, get some plant decor fillers. I bought mine from ikea as well. Btw they have a lot of cute things for decor!!
Step 4- Finally time to assemble the candle!
Fill the candle stand with the plant filler and place the candle on top.


All about my candles: ✨
I use these candles to brighten up my room and bathroom. I have bought tons but the ones I’m telling you guys about are the best according to me. Stress Relief; got this one from bath&body works ($22.50) . Aloha Orchid; got that from Anthropology smells incredible ya’ll! ( $11.50) The two tiny ones are honestly the best quality small candles I’ve received, it was a present not sure where there from. I’ve lit them more than 10 times and they still haven’t run out! Magnolia Fresh linen, that’s from target.($20.00) All the tall candles are from target. Those are scented candle sticks. The white stands are from target, the red stands are from UlTRAS holiday gift set.
That’s just a few of my favs and recently used ones!




Hidden Gems : Malibu Cafè

I absolutely love Malibu Cafe. Its in a discreet part of Malibu a hidden place where only some now about, up in the mountains, at Calamigos Ranch. Although I’ve only been there twice everything about it is simply breathtaking. From the gorgeous lake in the middle of the outdoors-y rustic restaurant to the sublime food the cafe has to offer it has honestly captivated my heart and is one of my favorite places to go to. I love the relaxed vibe the restaurant gives off and is truly a must go spot in California. Also, be sure to paddleboard or row on the lake , while your waiting for your food to come. I promise its amazing. Here are pictures from my adventures yesterday💞







– Shiza