DIY Dressing Table Decór

Aloha💓 Today I am going to be sharing with you guys my dressing table and give you guys cute diy ideas on how to glam your dressing table.

So this is my dressing table. It is a dark mahogany color and I have an enormous circular mirror above it , which I adore. I am not particularly sure where its from , my parents bought it when I re-decorated my room. Anways, alot of the stuff on my dressing table are diys, art pieces, or random things such as my polaroid that just add a dimension to my dresser. I recommend adding vintage/memorable pieces or things you love to your dresser. It seriously makes it vibrant and really fun. Items such as statement accesories can be put on display on your dresser. These add a whimsical vibe to your dresser.

This is a cute idea for storing your perfumes and mists. I keep mine on a white cake stand. You can find cake stands like these at stores that sell home goods such as Crate & Barrel, Target, or TJ-Maxx . I think it looks so pretty and is a good way to keep all of your fragrances in one place.

This is an inexpensive yet chic way to store your jewelry. All you need is two small plates that are printed/fun, and a thin candle to put in between them. I recommend buying the plates from a vintage/thrift shop or getting them from the kitchen. Voilà you have a tiered jewelry stand!

This is a piece of artwork that I painted. I placed it behind the jewelry as a backsplash. It adds a pop of color.

These are the three diys. The rest of the stuff were all purchased by shops. My black dress form necklace stand is from forever 21. The glass bottle on the far right has decorative colorful crystals on the bottom of it , and stores my hair brushes. I don’t know where he pink lamp is from because I got it as a gift.


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Candles ✨

Hey dolls,
I wanted to keep it simple today so I’ll be talking about one of my current obsessions! Lately I’ve been over buying candles. I will be telling you about my candles and a cute DIY that is very simple to recreate!
Candle DIY:
Step 1- Find or buy a cute candle stand that goes with the color of the candle you choose. You can buy affordable candle stands at Target, World Market, or Pier one imports
Step 2- Next, get a small candle that will fit in your candle stand. You can easily find them at anywhere, I got mine from ikea.
Step 3- After, get some plant decor fillers. I bought mine from ikea as well. Btw they have a lot of cute things for decor!!
Step 4- Finally time to assemble the candle!
Fill the candle stand with the plant filler and place the candle on top.


All about my candles: ✨
I use these candles to brighten up my room and bathroom. I have bought tons but the ones I’m telling you guys about are the best according to me. Stress Relief; got this one from bath&body works ($22.50) . Aloha Orchid; got that from Anthropology smells incredible ya’ll! ( $11.50) The two tiny ones are honestly the best quality small candles I’ve received, it was a present not sure where there from. I’ve lit them more than 10 times and they still haven’t run out! Magnolia Fresh linen, that’s from target.($20.00) All the tall candles are from target. Those are scented candle sticks. The white stands are from target, the red stands are from UlTRAS holiday gift set.
That’s just a few of my favs and recently used ones!