Fall Adventure Ideas

With the chilly weather and college application deadlines looming ahead, I haven’t been out on a fun, carefree adventure in a while. I have been craving the excursions of summer and of last year, when I had more time on my hands. I figured it was time to ditch the books and my cozy room for a new experience that will inspire me. Here are a couple of ideas that will get you out of the house and throw in a little adventure into your week.

Museum Days

Truthfully, I’m down on to go to any museum during any season. But I think museums during autumn are special. People walk into the halls bundled up in their fall gear, coffee and camera in hand. The art and history are lovely, but people watching is nice too, especially in LA. Most museums take only about an hour or so to go through, so after your short excursion you have the rest of your day to hit the books or do other work.


The Broad, Los Angeles

Morning Hikes

Talk about killing two birds with one stone- satisfying the crave of adventure and exercise is fulfilled with hiking. The cool morning air energizes your lungs and the nature clears your mind. Fall hikes are definitely picturesque as well, with the color change of the trees and the falling leaves.


Abalone Cove, Palos Verdes

Antique Stores

My sister and I were bored one day after school, so I invited my friend to come with us to the local antique store we discovered a couple of years ago. Crammed with things from used postcards to Russian dolls, its truly an exciting place, albeit a little creepy. Also a fun place to take cool, vintage pictures! You never know what you will discover at an antique shop; it is like going back in time. I found a yearbook from the 60’s with the funniest senior quotes.


Studio Antiques, El Segundo

Coffee Shops

It’s not autumn (or a hectic school year) without weekly trips to the local coffee shop to motivate myself with a farfalla (Oreo/espresso frappe aka heaven in a cup) to do school work. I love the atmosphere of coffee shops. Make it an adventure and discover a new coffee shop every week, try a new drink or pastry every time you stop by, or talk to the interesting person in front of you in line who orders the same drink as you. july-18-2016-841

Blue Butterfly Coffee Company, El Segundo

Corn Mazes

I had at least add one cliché fall activity in here. Personally, I’ve never been to a corn maze but it sounds like a great and exciting time. The car ride there would be an adventure in itself; most farms with mazes are a good drive away. Gather a couple of your friends, and prepare to spooked and challenged by a well-made corn maze.


Big Horse Corn Maze, Temecula (not my photo)

So there you have it, 5 excursions you should go on between finishing assignments and avoiding the rain without going too far and not spending a lot of money. Also, very moderate and doable, so you can’t put it off. Go on, adventure awaits!

Have fun,



One of A Kind Study Tips 

May. It’s that time of year again; the dreaded month filled with finals, standardized tests, and AP’s. Studying is on the top of your ‘To Do’ list. I for one am not a fan, and probably, neither are you. Here are some un-cliché tips that I have used for studying: 

1. Delete apps on your phone. Instead of doing the turn off your phone or putting your phone in a different room drill, try deleting apps instead. I listen to music while I study on my phone so turning it off is not an option. Also, texting classmates about the material definitely helps. I delete social media apps, such as Instagram and Twitter. If a texting friend is a distraction, block their number for a bit, your grade will thank you 😉

2. Keep a glass of water besides you.

This is one idea that I discovered last year. Instead of grabbing my phone, I would grab my glass of water instead. It definitely helped. Additionally, the water replenishes your cells which keeps you energized and awake. It’s also a great way to stay hydrated. Lastly, the bathroom breaks and refills will keep your legs moving. 

3. Set alarms

This is a great way to keep yourself from procrastinating and not sleeping too late. Set a timer on your phone for 30 minutes to study algebra and when it rings, take a break or move on to a different subject. It will keep you accountable.

4. Make it fun!

Can’t stand reading the chapters in yor history book? Find quizzes and games online (quizlet.com is great) that will make studying more interesting and won’t make you fall asleep. I also find images of concepts I am studying which also helps because I am a visual learner. And if you don’t get off topic easily with a friend, get a study buddy (do this with caution). 

5. Create a schedule. 

Don’t know where to start? Create a schedule based on the day the test is, the rigor, how important the class is to your grade (don’t study 2 hours if you have a high A), and the amount of material you need to study. This will relieve your stress and keep you accountable and organized. Keep it where you can see it everyday, such as your mirror or on your phone.

Hope these tips helped & good luck my friends!❤️