Candles ✨

Hey dolls,
I wanted to keep it simple today so I’ll be talking about one of my current obsessions! Lately I’ve been over buying candles. I will be telling you about my candles and a cute DIY that is very simple to recreate!
Candle DIY:
Step 1- Find or buy a cute candle stand that goes with the color of the candle you choose. You can buy affordable candle stands at Target, World Market, or Pier one imports
Step 2- Next, get a small candle that will fit in your candle stand. You can easily find them at anywhere, I got mine from ikea.
Step 3- After, get some plant decor fillers. I bought mine from ikea as well. Btw they have a lot of cute things for decor!!
Step 4- Finally time to assemble the candle!
Fill the candle stand with the plant filler and place the candle on top.


All about my candles: ✨
I use these candles to brighten up my room and bathroom. I have bought tons but the ones I’m telling you guys about are the best according to me. Stress Relief; got this one from bath&body works ($22.50) . Aloha Orchid; got that from Anthropology smells incredible ya’ll! ( $11.50) The two tiny ones are honestly the best quality small candles I’ve received, it was a present not sure where there from. I’ve lit them more than 10 times and they still haven’t run out! Magnolia Fresh linen, that’s from target.($20.00) All the tall candles are from target. Those are scented candle sticks. The white stands are from target, the red stands are from UlTRAS holiday gift set.
That’s just a few of my favs and recently used ones!